Can an hour in the gym be enough for your benessere??

Do you really think one hour in the gym can offset a week of sitting

(in the car, at the desk..)?

You can get small bouts of movement throughout the day, your muscles and joints will thank you! As well as your health…

Studies have shown that one hour at the gym, or of any exercise in general, cannot fully meet our healthy movement needs as we believe it should. Why? Because that hour is surrounded by many more hours spent sitting. So, that sort of puts us in a bind: our bodies need a lot of movement (preferably varied), but our lives are not set up for it. Or perhaps we just have not considered setting up our lives a bit differently in order to get more movement though out the day.

Try thinking outside the box and see if you can find some movement, rather nontraditional type exercise (read: movement) in your daily life. This could be more difficult to do than it seems, as we generally have an “exercise” mindset. We often do not count non-exercise movement as valid “exercise”. We have come to believe that exercise (read: the ‘right’ kind of movement) requires a particular scheme, specific clothing, a gym, an instructor… We also believe that we can “exercise off” sedentary behavior accumulated in our workday.

There are movement opportunities all around us.

Here are some ideas: (click here)


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