Why do Pilates? 🤔

to dance with joy and ease!

to play well with your kids and grandkids!

to hang out on the ground with your nieces and nephews

to garden with pleasure and ease

to not kill yourself doing housework! :-p

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Well, a few ideas I think you probably have already: for example –

to have a better life (better energy – better outlook – better life!), we stay strong and mobile so we can freely accomplish our daily activities, it helps develop our sense of proprioception, and it helps us to get to know our body better, finally, it increases circulation overall (so, even at the cerebrale level! – Give me a glassful, please!)


Have you tried Pilates?

DM me to receive the Newsletter, and if you’d like to set up an appointment in the studio.

Classes are private (Florence, Italy): meaning individual sessions, or, a duet lesson with someone you know.

Class on zoom? No problem. Actually – you could get a few friends together as an accountability club!

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